Solar Water Pumps: Grundfos Sqf 2.5-2 Submersible Water Pumps

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  • About Grundfos SQF PumpsGrundfos SQF submersible pumps are very versatile. They can be directly powered by solar or wind power or can be run on an inverter, a generator, a battery or utility grid, or any combination of these sources. This is the ultimate pump for water lifts for up to 650 feet. Virtually any source of power, 30-300 Volts DC and 90 -240 Volts AC, can be used to run the pump. They can operate on a series string of PV modules with a total peak power voltage of at least 30 volts, but their efficiency will be much higher at voltages over 100 Volts DC. The motor is designed to draw a maximum of 8.4 amps, which means that many types of PV modules can be used efficiently, including 60 cell modules with outputs of up to 260 nameplate watts.3SQF through 11SQF pumps will fit into a 3\" well.Eleven pump models can deliver from 82 gpm at 6 feet of head to 4 gpm at 800 feet with a 1.6 kilowatt solar array or less. Helical rotor pumps (models 3, 6, and 11) for high head applications and centrifugal pumps (models 16, 25, 40, and 60) for low head applications assure a pump that is efficient for any use. The SQFlex has built-in protection for dry-running, overloading, and overheating.Application areasDesigned for continuous as well as intermittent operation, the SQFlex system is especially suitable for water supplies in remote locations such as:· Villages, schools, hospitals, single-family houses, etc.· Farms and ranches– watering of livestock– irrigation of crop

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