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We all know malls, flea markets and misika. In simple terms we can say ZimexApp is the online version of Joina Mall, Mupedzanhamo, Mbare musika and all other physical marketplaces all over Zimbabwe. With ZimexApp you can easily setup online shop within 5 minutes, list all your products and start selling for free.

ZimexApp is a free service. As an online platform its easy to advertise your business, quickly search and indentify the right products to buy. It was made to be fast and comfortable to use

Aim And Vision

ZimexApp is all about you - Our aim is to efficiently connect buyers and sellers by proving quick means of spreading information and communicating

You can support ZimexApp by telling more people to come to the marketplace

Why advertise on ZimexApp

Because its free and helps your business grow. With zimexapp you can quickly setup your own online store with your logo and contact details and list all your products. Within few minutes your information will be online available to millions of Zimbabweans. 5 million Zimbabweans access the internet every month, without having online presence you missing out from a lot of pontential clients.

Also because its 100% developed in Zimbabwe, we can easily adapt to new changes in our country.

Why is it Free

The main reason for creation of ZimexApp is to help business grow in Zimbabwe, our economy is bad shape now and we need to do all we can to make it better. With traditional advertising been so expensive, there is need for affordable way for SME and sole traders to advertise their products. Also consumers needs an easy way to find products to buy.


Features that make zimexapp great for you

Unlimited Products

Fill up your ZimexApp Shop Page with all your products

Free Online Shop

ZimexApp store allows you to brand and customize shop page with your logo, contacts details, brief description about your company and products list

Easy Communication

Consumers can contact you directly from your store using email or whatsapp

Innovative Sharing

Quickly and easy way to share your products on social media

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